Vancouver Island on Film

I recently went to Vancouver Island with my boyfriend. Here are some of my favourite moments on film. Enjoy!

Summer 2018: Recap

Happy September! Here's my summer 2018 recap and chatty post. Enjoy!

Inspiration Slowdown

Hello there, friends! Recently, I haven't been able to gather enough thoughts for a post and this needs to change. My simple solution to this creative slowdown is to do things, to go out more and to make memories that I want to talk about. There are most likely lots of places in this city…

Welcome to New York

"And it said Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for you..." Travelling to one of the greatest cities in the world was so unbelievable and not knowing what to expect was even better. You never quite realize what you're going into, how big the skyscrapers are, the amount of people you will see and the…