Finding Motivation

I've been experiencing a lot of negative energy so I asked what are some things you do to help with negativity/stress- here are the responses! Take a look and find some inspiration.

“You’re Stronger Than You Think”

Hello, everyone! So this post is brought to you by something that I believe I was meant to see... And something I hope you can benefit from too! Lately, I haven't been feeling well from a bad cold then hoping it won't worsen into an episode. Anyways, I went into into work and I saw…

Take Care of Yourself

Hello lovely people, This post is a bit personal but I'm hoping it will benefit someone! Recently I had what felt like, my very first (and hopefully last) real panic attack. It was a scary experience and I'm hoping that my stress level, sleep schedule and overall thoughts will work themselves out and I'll never…

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Here are the links to further explain my story: What is Kleine-Levin Syndrome? How did we know? What triggers KLS? What happens in an episode? Diagnosis & Treatment Coping with KLS Thank you for your incredible support. So much love!