An honest post

It's been a whirlwind this year and I'm finally catching my breath. Here's an honest post about how you never know what someone is going through so just be kind to everyone. Take a look!

Finding Motivation

I've been experiencing a lot of negative energy so I asked what are some things you do to help with negativity/stress- here are the responses! Take a look and find some inspiration.

“You’re Stronger Than You Think”

Hello, everyone! So this post is brought to you by something that I believe I was meant to see... And something I hope you can benefit from too! Lately, I haven't been feeling well from a bad cold then hoping it won't worsen into an episode. Anyways, I went into into work and I saw…

Take Care of Yourself

Hello lovely people, This post is a bit personal but I'm hoping it will benefit someone! Recently I had what felt like, my very first (and hopefully last) real panic attack. It was a scary experience and I'm hoping that my stress level, sleep schedule and overall thoughts will work themselves out and I'll never…